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The mobile app built exclusively for use with the tagup Social Sports Network.



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All footage was captured on the tagupCam mobile app for the Softball Edition of tagup.

tagup on the fly.

Any play, any time, anywhere; fielded and relayed directly to your channel.

At Bat

At Bat

Give your fans a concentrated view of what you can do on the diamond. Select the Individual Plays tab on your homepage, begin recording, and your plays will be instantly uploaded to your profile.



Compile, catalog, and categorize to your heart’s content. Whether you are uploading a series of game clips, or a full game, this tab allows you to make sure your film is arranged and in order.



Begin uploading your workouts to create a one of a kind timeline of you becoming faster, stronger, and an all around better ball player. Bring shine to your grind and start showcasing your work ethic and skills.



Add another dimension to your profile by sharing all of the highlights that happen outside of the game. Post some of your best tips, tricks, or team moments, and show the tagup community an inside look at what makes your journey your own.



Just click the record button, select tagupAnalysis, and you are on your way to getting better.  Your content is automatically uploaded and specifically available to add to review from a tagupAnalyst. Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a notification.



You now have the ability to ‘favorite’ any video directly from tagupCam.  No more searching, scrolling and guessing which was the great play you were looking for.  Just click the ‘heart’ icon after you capture it, and we will put it under your ‘Favorites’ tab on tagup.

Cut out costly equipment.

The hub for every highlight, anytime, any place with what’s in your pocket.

Our tech, three steps, and your in.

Download the App to get your film rolling

1. Select Sport

Swipe to select your sport, then enter your login credentials.

2. Select Season

Use the toggle to select whether you will post to your Summer or School Team.

3. Select Type

Select which type of content you will capture for your tagupChannel.

Simple and Straightforward.

No complicated process, build your personal brand with the press of a button.


Apple Watch App Available in Beta Now!

Control tagupDirector from your wrist

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