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All the great features of tagupCam, now available with the best sports action camera.

tagupCam Features, GoPro Camera

Introducing tagupGP, and the premier solution.

Did you know, on average, the ball is only in play 8-10 minutes per game?. Only capture what you need, when you need. We have completely integrated capturing content with a GoPro camera. Do all this with tagupCam and the new tagupGP extension, right from your phone.



Merge all pitches to form one at bat for you in real-time.



Dynamically generate live titles on the fly for your videos.



Upload your completed plays to your channel on tagup.

All your content now exists in the tagup environment and you can take advantage of all the features that you are already comfortable with. Tagup your plays, share with family and friends, promote to recruiters.

Same tech, three steps, and you’re in

Purchase the tagupGP Extension and get your film rolling

1. Capture

Capture your game by At Bats

Player by player, pitch by pitch.


2. Download

Downloaded and merged in real-time

from GoPro with tagupCompression


3. Upload

Uploaded directly to your channel with

custom title and location with tagupSync


You focus on making plays, we’ll do the rest

Custom Game Covers, with your team branding, and titling with all the details.


tagupShowcase Stadium Scoreboard

Dynamic scoreboard with count, score, pitches and batter result.


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Everything you need to take your process beyond the next level.

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